SAGITTARIUS - Integrated product line of Small Arms Trainers

The full range of capabilities offered by Sagittarius small arms training system meets the specific training requirements of law enforcement and military personnel all over the world for today and tomorrow.
Sagittarius is an efficient and reliable training tool from the trainees first shot to combat readiness and the highest level of professionalism.

Our extensive experience has resulted in a modular Sagittarius product design which allows Customer-tailored deployment from highly effective basic training to a combination of advanced and specific training in a multi-level training environment with other inter-connected simulation systems.
Main benefits
>> Modular system design
>> Large weapon library
>> Customer tailored visual systems
>> Upgradeability for future training requirements and new weapons
>> International Customer support organization
>> Networking capability with other simulators
Key references
>> German Armed Forces (160 sites)
>> Royal Netherlands Army
>> Japanese Defense Forces
>> Irish Defense Forces
>> Botswana SO C
The Sagittarius range of small arms trainers are virtual simulation systems dedicated to the marksmanship and
tactical training of infantry soldiers (Level 1 & !!). Main features of Sagittarius include indoor shooting
training in a synthetic environment, realistic 3D-simulation of shooting ranges and battlefield scenes and video base training, customized 3D data bases (geo-specific), adapted service weapons to receive sensors, evaluation tools for trainees behavior and shooting results.

Sagittarius can be housed in a building, either in a standalone version, variants grouped together to form a shooting centre or deployed in an operations theatre in mobile, standard, 20 feet containers.