AASC is a joint venture between the Advanced Electronic Company (AEC) and Thales Training & Simulation (THALES). AASC is the conduit for the two risk sharing Companies combining their assets, knowledge and expertise; promoting the training and simulation business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The company, formed in 2008, will transition to a fully functioning company by 2011. By 2014, the engineering and production staff will increase to 100. AASC runs a structured training programme for Saudi nationals to ensure the success of the venture.
Thales will transfer knowledge and skills (technology, designs, documentation, software, and selected sub-systems) to enable AASC to establish a production capability, in support of our product range at our new facility in Riyadh.
AEC’s experience of providing training support services for the sustainment of military and commercial programs will initially underpin AASC’s commitment to the provision of these services for our Customers.
AASC assures its clients of the broadest range of advanced, technical, simulation and ‘full reality’ training solutions:
>>Civil and military aircraft
>>Civil and military transport helicopters
>>Mission and joint force strategic and operational training
>>Truck, HGV and heavy industry vehicles
>>Bus and Specialised Transport vehicles
>>Armoured Vehicle Commander and Driver Training
>>Military Artillery and Direct Fire Training
>>Small Arms Weapon and Junior Commander training
AASC provides comprehensive ‘turn-key’ solutions including building, equipment, courseware, maintenance and support to meet any requirement. AASC typically provides the following equipment and services:
>>Simulators or Training Devices
>>Brief and Debrief facilities
>>CBT/CAI classrooms and courseware
>>Training Management Information System
>>Training Facilities
>>Maintenance and Support Services
>>Operation and Instructor Services