TRUST 3000 - Driving Simulator for civilian and military heavy goods vehicles

TRUST 3000 is a training Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) drivers. It recreates most of the situations encountered on the road, from the simplest to the most complex.
Rigorous and objective evaluation in real time
During training sessions, an automatic evaluation program analyses the trainee’s actions in real time. This continuous analysis is recorded and displayed on a screen so that the instructor can, either immediately or a little later, indicate to the trainee the errors committed and apply the instruction necessary.
Meticulous reproduction of the sensory environment
The HGV driver’s normal environment in actual conditions of use is fully reproduced:
>> Outside the cab by projecting synthesized images (town, country, mountains, traffic, weather) which are visible through the windscreen and in the external rear-view mirrors;
>> Inside the cab by a faithful reproduction of the dashboard (using a real cab), various engine noises, realistic gear changes, typical hydraulic brake whistling sounds, the physical actions to use the steering wheel and foot pedals, etc.
Dynamic parameters, such as acceleration and deceleration (braking) as well as the sensation of centrifugal force felt on a bend and receding images in the rear-view mirror, are reproduced with very high precision. Furthermore, the synthesized images recreate different types of simple environments (straight and slightly curved roads with little traffic) or complex ones (narrow mountain roads, hairpin bends, heavy traffic, inconsistent other road users and difficult weather conditions: falling snow, ice on the road, night/day/dusk options, etc).