Civil Aviation Training & Simulation

Today every aviation training operation is faced with cost challenges, increased competition, changing regulations and the need to increase pilot throughput. The necessity to utilize assets more effectively has never been more pressing, as every business is tasked with delivering more for less.
At AASC we recognize that every training operation has a different set of requirements and different drivers of business success.
‘Total Cost of Ownership’ means assigning a dollar value to every aspect of operation. Whether you are a pure training business or an airline, cost is key at every stage, not just the price of training equipment but also the total cost of training. Improved lead times are critical if you are to remain competitive as a business. While a greater understanding from us as to where we fit into your business plan, as a whole, is vital going forward.
‘The New Reality’ for us means reliable and constant Customer involvement that helps you meet your business objectives through providing a wide range of refreshingly innovative integrated solutions. Not simply more effective and flexible products, but a complete range of support services and financial options.
AASC offers a range of FAA/EASA/ICAO compliant Part and Full task simulation training devices, all of which are capable of being integrated with either your own or another vendor’s training wares, to support your training requirements. These include:
>> Ab Initio via MPL Phases 1 to 4.
>> Type rating/ATPL.
>> Recurrent training/testing and checking.
>> Transition.
>> Recency.
>> Maintenance training.
>> Cabin Crew training.
Increased modularity, simplicity and flexibility
Our latest, revolutionary designs have a modular architecture with common core elements that can operate
independently of the aircraft type. This makes the interchange between aircraft types remarkably easy should your fleet or training business needs shift.
Benefit from lower lifecycle costs
Key technologies such as Digital Electrical Control Loading and Electric Motion systems drive down your operational costs through greatly reduced power consumption while continuing to deliver increased reliability and availability above 99%.
Green is good
Our all¬new product designs encompass the latest environmental, ‘Green’ directives and manufacturing processes to drastically reduce carbon footprint and could contribute to your company’s carbon credit programme.