Training & Simulation Systems for Military Aircrew Mission Readiness

Having produced and supported over 1200 flight simulators for more than 50 years, our partner Thales is uniquely placed to provide aircrew training solutions for a wide variety of platforms and missions. With military simulators in service in over 30 countries, we understand the needs of air forces, world-wide and delivers military aircrew training equipment and flying training services to the Royal Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force, as two examples.

Operational and Mission readiness are essential for success; training in a safe, secure synthetic environment enables aircrew preparation to deal with both planned and unexpected events.

AASC technology enables highly realistic modeling of peace-keeping and combat environments. Simulation of airborne and ground platforms including sensor suites and weapon-systems with network enabled capability, results in simulation equipment that provides both real time raining from Ab-initio to Combat Readiness with Mission Evaluation and Mission Rehearsal training.
Our objective is to provide the means for air forces to achieve mission readiness in the most cost effective manner, supported by AASC for the life of the platform. AASC full mission simulators for fast jets, transport and
surveillance aircraft and helicopters are being used by armed forces across the globe, an option on all these
simulators is for networked capability, an example is the Tornado GR4 fast jet simulators currently in service with the RAF. These simulators are based in two locations in the UK and are enabled to be networked to fly together. They were also used in “FirstWAVE” (Warfighter Alliance in a Virtual Environment).