Simulation for Land Forces

From training equipment to training services, AASC leads the way in synthetic and live environment training applications. Our experience means we understand your needs and are capable of helping you train your personnel technically and tactically at individual, team and collective level. Solutions are designed to meet both training need and budget, and range from the desktop to fully integrated and networked mission rehearsal environments, including variants that are mobile and can be used in-theatre.

To achieve this we analyse your training needs and develop the appropriate syllabi to maximise the training benefit achieved from the training environment at all levels up to, and including, turnkey training services. Helping you answer your specific training challenge, be it ab-initio, conversion, concurrency or minimising skill fade in an ever evolving and increasingly complex world, you will find the right support from AASC.
The primary objective of Simulation for Land Forces is to offer an efficient support to education, training, mission preparation or rehearsal, in both technical and tactical domains covering:
>> Small Arms Trainers
>> Driving Simulators
>> Crew Training Simulator
>> Tactical Simulators
>> Versatile Simulation Systems