Training & Simulation For Helicopters

Thanks to fast-evolving technologies, AASC offers the full training spectrum of helicopters
Simulation brings many possibilities to Helicopter Operators and now covers a large range of needs in the fields of education, ab-initio to type training, mission readiness, collective training and rehearsal. In all branches of the armed forces, crews can very advantageously be trained by simulation to increase their proficiency and mission readiness.

AASC’s partner Thales has delivered well over a hundred simulation systems for Helicopter Operators and offers an excellent coverage of the various needs such as the Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer or Helicopter Commander Tactical Trainer to Full flight Simulator and large interoperable Full Crew Mission Simulator. Reconfiguration of simulators replicating different helicopter types can be accomplished in less than 80 minutes.
No other aircraft is as fundamentally complex and unstable as rotorcraft, or as frequently asked to perform so dangerous mission profile.

The inherent instability of rotorcraft demands an enhanced flight control that is extremely complicated and difficult to simulate.

Even more than in fixed-wing aircraft training, there is a wide range of manoeuvres and emergencies that simply cannot be achieved in the aircraft at all. For these activities, education, training, mission preparation or rehearsal, simulation is sometimes the unique alternative. Often it offers a useful and efficient complement to traditional training means (theoretical courses, training on the real equipment, etc.).